The essential element in the recipe of succes

recipe-for-successThe essential element in the recipe of success is failure itself.
This is such a true statement! It comes a point in our life when we all fail, weather we like it or not. We come to know fail at any age, nomatter our position, nomatter if we are rich or famous or average. We fail in our love life, in our relation management, in our career and the list may go on.
Though there is some good news about failing, although we may not realise it right away…
Failure represents a step forward in our growth and learning. It’s true that when we face it, it’s very uncomfortable and unplesant and confusing, determining us to be very harsh on ourselves thinking we are not competent enough, but the reality here is that it is very ok to fail from time to time, everybody does and for sure there is something else (usually better) waiting for you, or maybe you are not ready yet to reach your success.
Failure may seem very ugly in the moment but often behaves like a door opener for amazing opportunities and the same time it requires time and patience before you get to see the big picture.
It is a door opener as it gets you out of your comfort zone (“success is a lousy teacher, it seduces smart people into thinking they can’t loose”) and in the same time it tells you what not to repeat in the future “mistakes are a great teacher’
Another good news is that once you grow above failure you know you are now done with the worst scenario and the difficult part is now behind, it’s already in your expertize. And you see yourself raised above the most difficult part of the way towards success.

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