The early days of a young leader

It has happened, you have been appointed to a leadership position and you are aware you are part of a limited circle of people who have actually succeeded it at an early age.

Here come the first meetings alongside your experienced peers and you feel kind of insecure and anxious as you don’t know if you should speak up your mind as you lack leadership experience, and you just do not seem to find a solution to overcome feeling uncomfortable. Well, here is some good news:

Trust yourself

Be aware of the fact that there are some good reasons you were offered this leadership role, such as your skills, out of the box approach, unique vision, talent as well as potential, so all you need to do is to develop your learning.. Think of how could you bring it all to the new role.

Identify your skill gaps as a leader

As soon as you identify your leadership gaps, you can work on it with a coach as well as with a mentor who was once in your shoes and can provide valuable insights on the know-how and offer support and feed- back while you are living your leadership development journey.

Young leader, fresh ideas & influence

Look at the bright side, you have an advantage of bringing fresh approach to the business, you can bring new perspectives and new areas of focus so try to explore the novelty and revival you can come up with.

Give it time

Be patient, authentic and committed to self improvement, developing your leadership style is a lifelong endeavour, but try to learn as much as you can from your experiences and your peers, read books, get training as this is the journey to a strong, unique and experienced leader.

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