Being in a complicated period of life, impacted by many changes in all its areas, I worked with Emilia Senchea. Our sessions were relaxing, I managed to detach from everything else and I received clarity in so many ways.  After a series of questions, step by step, I realized where and why I have particular roadblocks, which are my skills and which buttons to press in order to achieve what I want. Collaborating with Emilia is very constructive and it really helped me clarify my priorities in life and where to channel my energy and focus.

Thank you,

Mara Eliza Barza, Communication & PR Consultant

I have started to collaborate with Emilia two weeks ago and we covered two coaching sessions with two different methodologies and my results have shown immediately.

During the first session I became more aware on a personal problem which was bothering me for months, and i have shortly identified the solution, letting peace settle in.

On my next session I worked on the professional side. Emilia helped me see which are the roadblocks in my way and look forward with enthusiasm and optimism to the project I am working on.

Now, I am in the process of creation and I find myself guided by the positive energy given by her.

Thank you Emilia!
Silvia Pavalache, founder Acurata.ro

I’ve been a client of Elite Performers for a while now.

I confess, I was perhaps somewhat skeptical prior to starting coaching – but not any more, after working with Emilia.

Since I’ve been working with Emilia, I managed to significantly improve my relationship with myself and my parents, orchestrate a major career change, and overall I can definitely say I’m pretty happy with my life, which I feel I’m indeed in control of, and that I let my best version shine through.

Thank you for having me as a client, Emilia!
Bogdan Dumitru, Sr. Consultant