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poza de grup workshopThe other days I have organized a leadership workshop where I had the great pleasure to meet a few courageous persons, six beautiful and smart women who shared their life story and journey which brought them where they are now personally and professionally. If it had not been for yesterday’s experiences, they would have not been here today, that is for sure.

Making a conscious career change at one point in our life is the key to the fulfilled career of today. One of the participants shared how she gave up law school in the senior year in order to develop her own blog (it is very successful today) and collaborate with a fashion magazine.

The other participants shared how they quit their careers in television in order to follow their passions, they let go of impressive income in order to accomplish the inner calling, to follow their own way of success.

The things I learned from them and still learn from myself every day? It is the fact that no extraordinary destination is to be reached immediately, that the road is neither short nor straight, that you can’t get there unless you learned your lessons, that you are different now, that the road demanded that you change, that in the hardest moments you had to hang on, that there were so many times when you were tempted to give up and to return to comfort zone and familiar places, though you stopped because you are aware that you shall never forgive yourself if you give up now.

But, once you reached your destination, you get to live a unique feeling and boom of sensations. You have thrilling vibes, tears and gratitude. You see all your efforts, sacrifices, worries and sleepless nights passing in front of your eyes, but now you are just happy that they are in the past, you thank them for bringing you here, a place you never want to leave from! Now it is just yourself and your success!


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