Training solutions

Strength & Team Engagement Training 

  • Showing the Motivational Values System of each participant
  • Understanding what makes each member of the team tick
  • Creating a language that cuts through cultural and hierarchical barriers and generates greater flexibility to respond to even more demanding work environments
  • Identifying what triggers conflict for each member of the team and how to manage it
  • Understanding individual and team strength
  • Exploring opportunities for future team growth

Sales & Influence Training

  • Find out how people buy according to their Motivational Values System
  • DOs and DONTs in a sales meeting
  • Discover the buying motives of your clients
  • Understand what influences others

Positive Leadership Training

  • Learn how to offer effective feedback to your team according to their color
  • Find out the favorite leadership style of your team/organization
  • Identify the right talent people for key assignments
  • Effectively manage conflict in your team/organization
  • Explore opportunity for future growth