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Did you know that a human life is on average 960 months or 29.000 days long? Does it seem that long? It does not to me, that is why it matters how we use these months, respectively days. May I ask you if you live your own life or the life that other people are calling the tune for? I am asking you this question as I frequently bump into situations where people go for the career that parents or acquaintances dictate for them, or people consider to be “cool” because it looks amazing from the outside but things dramatically change when looking from inside.

Does it matter which are the positions we hold in the working market and society? Its opinion on us or maybe what really does matter is who we really are and how we live like? Who we really are and how much passion do we invest in our life? Are we happy with our average self or we allow the leader inside us to manifest? I wonder what do we think about in our last moments of life? That we should have added an extra room to our house? That we should have been promoted to that senior position? That we needed to please everyone? That we should have paid the taxes sooner than the deadline? That we managed to drive a better car than the neighbor’s?

Or maybe you are being grateful because you managed to walk on your fear of unknown and this way you reached the highest levels of your being, tasted the Holy Grail of life and success and listened to your inner authentic voice? Because you succeeded to inspire people, transformed yourself in the power of example for the wide, taking chances and advocated your opinions and point of view?

If any of above touches you in any way, then change your habits and behaviour, act differently than society trains you to, let go of the victim role, let go of being the product of other people’s opinions and become the leader of your own life!
It is possible that the idea of changing your life is scary; but you know what is worst? REGRET. Because UNACCOMPLISHED POTENTIAL TRANSFORMS INTO PAIN AND REGRET! I really do hope that you can feel my words and you do not delay in applying it in your life, make it happen and change it into actions that bring you benefits and happiness!

If you are ready to go for this but you do not know how, I am here for you!

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