Have you set your goals for the new year?

IMG_0666For the ones determined to have a new epic year with professional and personal achievements, I remind them that it is recommended to articulate clear goals for the new year, in order to offer ourselves clarity and priority in our actions and direct our subconscious to our wishes it needs to focus on.

True leaders take note of their goals, that’s why the next step we need to focus on is writing down these goals as this way we send a red flag to our subconscious that these thoughts are far more important than the 59.999 other thoughts we have during a day.

We are aware of the strong impact that the ability to envision our dreams and goals has. It helps us feel those goals as already accomplished the same way as the world’s greatest geniuses and many spiritual people proceeded. The positive effects of creative visualization are also used in medicine and psychiatry as a proven treatment method (Dr. Gerald Epstein).

When you imagine a juicy lemon you feel water in your mouth or when you think of biting on cotton wool,  you get that unpleasant felling, the same our body and mind reacts when envisioning our goals.

What we practically do is that we train our brain to obtain that goal!

Therefore, with our eyes open or closed I invite you to imagine yourself in the future, achieving  that real goal, observe the people around you who take part in your success.

Focus on the positive, powerful feelings that come to you.

Take these positive feelings and amplify them 100 times, then 1000 times, expand them as much as you can.

Take these positive feelings and convert them into a positive symbol or object or color and imagine how you internalize it inside your being.

Think of the meaning that the symbol has for you and how it could represent a logical solution for your goal.

The more you practice visualization, the more you accustom your mind and body with the accomplishment of your goals and you will manage to channel more energy and intention to its complete fulfillment.

Best of luck!






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