The early days of a young leader

It has happened, you have been appointed to a leadership position and you are aware you are part of a limited circle of people who have actually succeeded it at an early age. Here come the first meetings alongside your experienced peers and you feel kind of insecure and anxious as you don’t know if you should speak up your mind as you lack leadership experience, and you just do not seem to find a solution to overcome feeling uncomfortable. Well, here is some good news: Trust yourself Be aware of the fact that there are some good reasons you were offered this leadership role, such as your skills, out of the box approach, unique vision, talent as well as potential, so all you need to do is to develop your learning.. Think of how could you bring it all to the new role. Identify your skill gaps as a leader As soon as you identify your leadership gaps, you can work on it with a coach as well as with a mentor who was once in your shoes and can provide valuable insights on the know-how and offer support and feed- back while you are living your leadership development journey. Young leader, fresh ideas & influence Read More

The Declaration

This is such an amazing and incredibly inspiring poem for the new year by Robin Sharma Today, I declare I am strong and brave, not timid nor weak. Today, I declare that my past will no longer limit my future and just because I couldn’t achieve something yesterday doesn’t mean I won’t do it this day. Today, I declare that I’ll honor my talents, express my gifts and reveal my creativity to everyone around me. Today, I declare I’ll be loyal to my values, respectful of my mission and fiercely focused on my dreams. Today, I declare that I am a maker versus a consumer, a giver versus a taker and a visionary versus a victim. Today, I declare that I will always be part of the solution and never part of the problem. Today, I declare that when I fall, I will certainly rise and when I’m in doubt, I will persist. Today, I declare that I will cherish my health, feed my mind and nourish my soul. Read More

Applying Gratitude & Reward in the Workplace

from Kim Cameron The CEO of a Mexican university had cards printed with the company’s values printed on one side (one value per card) and the other side left blank. Whenever an employee had exhibited one of the company’s values during work he would use the card with the appropriate value and write a short note for the staff member, recognizing their behavior. This is just one way of showing gratitude in the workplace. More Ideas for using Gratitude & Reward in Organizations: Start team meetings with the question “What has inspired you this week?” Celebrate successes with your team Design a wall for positive milestones and provide an ideas box so that leaders and staff alike can use it to pin anything they are grateful for or proud of Hand a booklet to each of your staff and invite them to keep a gratitude journal At the end of the year, send a gratitude letter to your employees’ families and praise the employee. Tell the family how much you appreciate the effort their family member puts in at work and thank them Get someone who did well to mentor and coach others rather than just complimenting them Read More

Have a nice conflict!

The essential element in the recipe of succes

The essential element in the recipe of success is failure itself. This is such a true statement! It comes a point in our life when we all fail, weather we like it or not. We come to know fail at any age, nomatter our position, nomatter if we are rich or famous or average. We fail in our love life, in our relation management, in our career and the list may go on. Though there is some good news about failing, although we may not realise it right away... Read More

Successful leaders

The other days I have organized a leadership workshop where I had the great pleasure to meet a few courageous persons, six beautiful and smart women who shared their life story and journey which brought them where they are now personally and professionally. If it had not been for yesterday’s experiences, they would have not been here today, that is for sure. Making a conscious career change at one point in our life is the key to the fulfilled career of today. One of the participants shared how she gave up law school in the senior year in order to develop her own blog (it is very successful today) and collaborate with a fashion magazine. The other participants shared how they quit their careers in television in order to follow their passions, they let go of impressive income in order to accomplish the inner calling, to follow their own way of success. Read More

Have you set your goals for the new year?

For the ones determined to have a new epic year with professional and personal achievements, I remind them that it is recommended to articulate clear goals for the new year, in order to offer ourselves clarity and priority in our actions and direct our subconscious to our wishes it needs to focus on. True leaders take note of their goals, that’s why the next step we need to focus on is writing down these goals as this way we send a red flag to our subconscious that these thoughts are far more important than the 59.999 other thoughts we have during a day. Read More

Identify with your original self!

  Did you know that a human life is on average 960 months or 29.000 days long? Does it seem that long? It does not to me, that is why it matters how we use these months, respectively days. May I ask you if you live your own life or the life that other people are calling the tune for? I am asking you this question as I frequently bump into situations where people go for the career that parents or acquaintances dictate for them, or people consider to be “cool” because it looks amazing from the outside but things dramatically change when looking from inside. Read More