Applying Gratitude & Reward in the Workplace

from Kim Cameron

The CEO of a Mexican university had cards printed with the company’s values printed on one side (one value per card) and the other side left blank. Whenever an employee had exhibited one of the company’s values during work he would use the card with the appropriate value and write a short note for the staff member, recognizing their behavior. This is just one way of showing gratitude in the workplace.

More Ideas for using Gratitude & Reward in Organizations:

  • Start team meetings with the question “What has inspired you this week?”
  • Celebrate successes with your team
  • Design a wall for positive milestones and provide an ideas box so that leaders and staff alike can use it to pin anything they are grateful for or proud of
  • Hand a booklet to each of your staff and invite them to keep a gratitude journal
  • At the end of the year, send a gratitude letter to your employees’ families and praise the employee. Tell the family how much you appreciate the effort their family member puts in at work and thank them
  • Get someone who did well to mentor and coach others rather than just complimenting them

  • Reward great performance with 1 + 1. The person receives two pieces of recognition, one for themselves and another one they can in turn hand to someone who has supported them in the process
  • Ask your staff to select 20 people who know them well (co-workers, friends, neighbours) and get them to write a short paragraph answering questions such as “When have you seen me at my best?”. Ask them to use the answers to create their own “best self-portrait” and think about how they can use their strengths even more
  • When giving your staff feedback on their strengths, make use of the following two ideas: “Here is what I noticed in your leadership skills…” and “Here is what led me to this conclusion…”, the second one is particularly important.

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