I am here for you as a People and Development Specialist, to support and help you improve your activity, your team or organization effectiveness whether you are a manager, an employee or an entrepreneur. My mission is to enable individuals and teams to deploy all their strengths more productively.

I started this journey one day when I looked at my life and realized that I had become one of the people who were living solely during weekends, burned out at my job, lacking real challenges, and surrounded by management too busy with their own objectives to support me with mine. At that point I was faced with two options: to continue on the same path, or make a change. I chose the second option.

Since then, my purpose is to stop similar situations from happening in organizations by introducing managers and employees to a tool which makes them all aware of their very own Motivational Value Systems,  showing the exact buttons to press in order to really Motivate and Engage people, to match specific talent with the specific goal, to know how to offer effective feedback, to have a common language transcending culture, hierarchy and relations.