+ Leadership

How can we help people enjoy their work and be productive for the benefit of the organization? In business speak, how do we get employees “engaged”? As there is no dish that can satisfy everyone’s tastes, there is no business-to-human strategy that will engage everyone the same. This is why it is so crucial to access an instrument which identifies the employees’ deeply held values. These values are believed to be deeply ingrained by the age of 7, and people’s self-esteem greatly depends on the alignment between what they do daily and their own value system.  This key information then helps organizations to:

  • understand what motivates each employee
  • identify the leadership style that suits their employees
  • find which buttons to press when setting goals
  • discover the best ways of giving constructive feedback
  • identify who would best perform a specific task
  • determine who has the most appropriate skills to effectively deal with a specific customer
  • mitigate the impact of conflict